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Community Gardens Helen Esther Pirini said: Are you interested in growing your own chemical-free vegetables? The Pukenui Community Garden has been established (behind the Portacom building on the hill, opposite Waterfront Road) and we invite ALL Far North locals to assist with planting & composting, etc. ALL WELCOME!! Further enquiries, please ph. Helen: 09 4098765 Sheryll:09 4097543
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Preschool? Tony Ward said: I have been hearing that one of the big preschool giants is coming to town, does anyone who it is?
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TOP GRADE MEDICAL MARIJUANA, email at.( morlaphuket@gmail.com ) morla said: we been cultivating our medical marijuana respecting the highest traditional cultivating standards, using the finest ingredients expertly chosen by our master farmers, All over USA, Canada and Europe. Our Medical marijuana's unique crisp flavor is enjoyed and recognized as the perfect ingredient for health cure and smoking happy times shared with friends .
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Rangiahua Cemetary contact request Debbie Chin said: I am trying to locate a contact for the cemetary above, "not" Rangiahua (Korokota) Maori Cemetery, my father Joseph Bowen Cook recently passed away at 92 and would be forever thankful for a contact name and ph to arrange bringing dad's ashes home to be with the whanau
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Amelia said: Atamaria Debbie phone North Shore Hospital ask to be put thru to Maori Services to Kaumatua Pat Ruka or and Anaru Peita Wharetohunga they will guide you in taking dad home.
| 2 years ago
sadness Ken Tucker said: Fatal accident near Kaeo, not sure where but it was posted on FB.
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College Ken Tucker said: I believe the college has increased the number of students this year, can anyone confirm there has been a growth spurt - things were looking a bit grim not so long ago.
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curry Ken Tucker said: How is the curry restaurant going, I may be back soon to give it a spin - had a take away when it first opened, twas very nice!
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wakey wakey Ken Tucker said: How many people are out there?
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Looking forward to visiting the area over new year Colina Hoye said: is there work available if we decide to buy a house in the area, am experienced in sales, customer service, nurse aiding, shop work. thanks.
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Pukepoto Moana Ashley said: Just love where Im from so much
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Local Elections 2013 Mary Dar said: Far North District Council Te Hiku Community Board (North Cape Subdivision) This is a first past the post election. My vote is for Willy Van Der Sluis, Deputy Chair of Whakawhiti Ora Pai Medical Centre 'past 10 years' President Houhora rate payers. Board member Araiawa committee community board member. Willy is totally committed to supporting the residents and believes passionately in the welfare of our region. With his diverse skills and a proven track record of achievements he promotes a culture of honesty, respect and integrity.
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Community Survey Mary Dar said: Working together for improved social outcomes for the far north families. This survey can be completed online at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/tehiku . You can also find info, updates and links to the survey on Facebook/TeHikuProject. This project would not be able to achieve its objectives without You....
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Branch Family from Kaeo Nichola Knight said: Hello, does anyone have information about grant branch or his sister Robyn that i beleive were either born or raised in kaeo. There were more siblings, but I do not know there names. I am looking for my father (grant) . Thankyou, Nichola
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Watermelons? Lisa said: my son is interested in working on the watermelons in Houhora. If you have any info can you please share with me?
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Kerikeri Energy Descent Plan Deck Hazen said: Some experts are predicting that we could run out of cheap oil in the next decade and this would have serious implications for Kerikeri. Cheap oil is at the heart of our economy - more than just fueling our cars, fossil fuels are used extensively in agriculture as pesticides, fertilizers, farm equipment, transportation and even packaging - and that's just one example. Energy Descent Plans have been written by many towns and cities around the world. Should Kerikeri investigate the possibility of severe oil shortages in the near future and develop a plan to offset the worst effects that might occur?
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Transition Town meetings will continue through the holiday period - 3rd Thursday of each month - St Deck Hazen said: Transition Town meetings will continue through the holiday period - 3rd Thursday of each month - St. Johns - 7:00 PM
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