Rapahoe Beachfront Cafe

Rapahoe's beachfront now includes a modernized kitchen cooking 'Johnny's Kiwi Cuisine' and is attached to the Rapahoe Beachside Hotel. Good quality, nutritious and tasty pub food is on the menu ranging from $3.50 - $29.00 and a full range of hot and cold drinks. Rapahoe is a great place for travelers to pause on the West Coast Scenic highway. Chef Johnny Wright is pleased to take your orders, including the famous Rapahoe Burger (and in 'season' you may get a complimentary chocolate white-bait teddybear or fish!). Johnny and bar manager Kela look forward to seeing you in Rapahoe. You can eat inside or out with a great view of Rapahoe Bay. Bring your camera - Rapahoe is known for some of the world's most beautiful sunsets.
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