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Thu 5 Oct 2017
Townies look on in horror as agitated 900kg beast is shot and knifed on roadside.
Wed 9 Aug 2017
Ever wished you could own a bank? Waikato has three.
Fri 27 Nov 2015
After five years in the making, SPCA Waikato has moved into their new purpose-built facilities and will have a public grand opening this weekend.
Sun 11 Oct 2015
Donating all the profits from a business, even if there are none, might sound crazy. But that's what a Frankton cafe does.
Tue 22 Sep 2015
And it's not the only Hamilton school changing what its students wear.
Wed 6 May 2015
Up to 150,000 old tyres abandoned at a Frankton depot are being trucked somewhere in Waihi and Taupo.
Wed 29 Apr 2015
Efforts to remove 150,000 old tyres dumped at a Frankton depot have struck complications.
Wed 15 Apr 2015
A failed business tasked with disposing of used car tyres leaves Hamilton ratepayers with a hefty clean-up bill.
Mon 23 Mar 2015
Judy Dixon may be leaving Frankton Primary School but she's not giving up work.
Sat 13 Apr 2013
Lately, patrons of the Frankton McDonald's have been known to grab an extra burger - for the cat.