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Professional cleaning service available Shazmin.shalza said: Let us make your home and offices healthy and sparkly clean . Call Express professional home and office cleaning service . Call now on 0800397737 to book yourself in. or contact Shazmin on 0212851990
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Care Giver after School Carol Anne said: Wanted a mature care giver for 2 girls after school for approx 2 hours per day.Light housework and drop off to sports activities when needed.Must be available during school holidays.This is a shared position with morning caregiver.Flexibily would be require .Phone 0210401713
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Hamilton Womens Refuge Jo Singh said: A ‘CHALLENGE OF LOVE’ call to the NZ building industry and community. NZ’s largest women’s refuge seeks urgent support to relocate a donated home by Christmas. Te Whakaruruhau, New Zealand’s largest women’s refuge, requests the help of the New Zealand building industry and wider community to assist them in a ‘challenge of love’ to relocate a donated home to a safe house site by Christmas. Ruahine Albert, Manager, Te Whakaruruhau women’s refuge says "We are honoured to have been donated this home and have a site available to place this wonderful gift. This home will be a safe house for our most vulnerable women and children in crisis from 2015 onwards and for generations yet to come. The challenge is to gain up to $250,000 worth of support in the form of labour, building supplies and donations for the de-construction and relocation of the home which must be completed by Christmas for Te Whakaruruhau to obtain the home. "This is an opportunity we simply must act on and we humbly seek any form of assistance to join us in this challenge. Our Kaumatua have named this home - Te Rau Aroha - a challenge of love," said Ruahine Albert. Te Whakaruruhau women’s refuge provides a range of services including emergency shelter and safe-housing of women and children in crisis in the Waikato region. Its services have been under increasingly severe pressure over the past twelve months. Safe houses are at full capacity. Each month Te Whakaruruhau women’s refuge assist between 500 and 700 women and children in need. The house has been gratuitously donated by Braemar Hospital and was the family home at the Salvation Army’s The Nest site and is currently residing in Ohaupo Road Hamilton. The 4000sq/ft property, built in 1997, has supported many families over the years within its 10 bedrooms, two living areas, two dining areas and three bathrooms. Paul Barnett, Manager of PB Property Business Ltd, has donated his time to project manage the relocation of the home. "I am determined to see this project through for the amazing people at Te Whakaruruhau refuge and for our country’s women and children," said Paul Barnett. "I request the assistance of the building and construction industry to join me in the spirit of giving, to achieve the ultimate goal of having the house nestled on new foundations and re-constructed to watertight by Christmas," said Paul Barnett. URGENTLY REQUIRED:  • Experienced labourers to strip the house for removal as well as suppliers of wrecking bars, hammers, sledge hammers, wheelbarrows, screwdrivers and wrenches. Te Whakaruruhau have approximately 20 men donating some time throughout this week, however, additional labourers are desperately required as this process will take approximately four weeks. Offers of food services over the next four weeks would be very much welcomed too by the workers.  • A land surveyor, fire engineer and a resource consent planner.  • House relocation services. A local business has offered to transport the house at cost value but as it needs to be moved in 4 or 5 sections – other transporters are welcome to come on board and share the move. Contributions towards the cost value of removal are sought – inclusive of diesel and petrol for the trucks.  • Building supplies of concrete, piles, fasteners, joists, bearers, flooring sheets, framing timber and cladding materials to re-construct the home at the safe house location.  • Tradespeople for the re-construction including licensed builders, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and stoppers.  • Cash donations can also be made for the project via In the New Year, Te Whakaruruhau women’s refuge will focus on planning an upgrade of ‘Te Rau Aroha’. The critical deadline is to gain support to remove the property from its current site and deliver to the refuge safe house site by Christmas. Media: please contact Catrina Sewell, 021 677 414 or email Building Industry and trade: contact Te Whakaruruhau administration tel: 07 855 1569. General public donations:
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More lights needed at park Valletta Tawhai said: it would be safer if the park between and Crawshaw and Odlin Cres had more lighting at night
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Annoyed with the extra trip around to the base? Mai Snelgrove said: Does anyone else feel agrieved by the lack of forethought in the roading to the Base from Rotokauri/Te Kowhai for those residents out west? I feel we residents have been completely ignored and I have had words with the Hamilton city council and Hamilton expressway people about it. I have not had any satisfactory answer to the question except that they are waiting for development in the area to take over. Waiting for the developers to build the roadways in our area is just not good enough with us in the meantime having to lump it and go around the long way. We can't even get off the expressway at avalon drive!! Every which way,it is just impossible to quickly get to our service centre which I personally make a couple of times a day. I would be interested in knowing if others are bothered by this.
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