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Wed 19 Jul 2017
Construction of New Zealand's newest Great Walk, in memory of the men killed in the Pike River mine disaster, will begin soon.
Fri 10 Mar 2017
A new great walk being built as a memorial to the 29 men who died in the Pike River mine disaster will be open to trampers and mountain bikers.
Tue 6 Sep 2016
Out of work but with 20 years' gold mining experience, Daniel Scheepers decided to start his own operation.
Sun 19 Jun 2016
For the uninitiated, the West Coast holds many secrets and surprises.
Mon 30 May 2016
It might seem like a sleepy little town, but it's bursting with interesting characters.
Tue 26 Jan 2016
The last remaining underground coal mine in New Zealand has closed with the loss of 20 jobs.
Thu 21 Jan 2016
The last gold dredge operating on the West Coast is up for sale.
Sun 15 Nov 2015
New "Great Walk" on the West Coast will commemorate 29 men killed in Pike River mine disaster.
Sat 19 Sep 2015
But is there a glimmer of hope for small local pubs on the West Coast?
Mon 10 Aug 2015
West Coast Rugby League is celebrating its centenary this spring.

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