Drinking Water Purified the Natural Way

Drinking Water Purification Systems
Between a growing string of natural disasters and increasing worldwide concerns over the safety of our planet's drinking water, having a dependable off-the-grid water purification system like the Berkey and British Berkefeld is no longer a luxury. It's a must in New Zealand.
Portable Water Purifier – Water Filtering
When you are traveling to regions where the water supplies are dicey at best, hiking locally or just re-hydrating at the office, a Seychelle Fill2Pure water-Filtering bottle is the ideal companion. It can save your health and possibly even your life. It's also great for your emergency kit.
GEIGERRIG Hydration Packs Water Filters
The innovative Geigerrig hydration pack with its spray-capability hydration engine means no more sucking! Now you can spray to hygienically drink, share water, and cool off. It can also work with the Geigerrig water filter for clean drinking water on the go.
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