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The Toy Collector - by The Toy Collector - Last year
" In February of 2016 a new venture appealing to children - and to the child within every adult - opened to the public in Christchurch. The Toy Collector opened up his enormous collection of toys and collectables – a reminder of playtimes long..."

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Fri 21 Jul 2017
A heavily pregnant Canterbury woman's unborn child has died after a head-on car crash.
Fri 21 Jul 2017
Farmers are concerned for their stock in today's heavy rain.
Thu 15 Jun 2017
Demand ratchets up for prime lambs at Christchurch sales.
Wed 4 Jan 2017
It's a raw and unsettled environment and commercial fishermen are upset people are allowed to drive on it.
Sun 13 Nov 2016
Motorists have been warned to expect surface flooding in coastal Christchurch as the brightest supermoon in 68 years passes overhead.
Sat 25 Jun 2016
Christchurch has become a more attractive location for film-makers since the earthquakes.
Thu 16 Jun 2016
$5.6 million colonial drama is being shot at Christchurch locations including Ferrymead and Mt Vernon Park.
Thu 8 Oct 2015
Fires across Otago and Canterbury, including blaze in Mosgiel, destroy houses.
Sun 1 Dec 2013
In the debate about our fresh water, it's easy to forget that we all seek the same thing - clean water for everyone.

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