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We will open the first Shaolin Kung Fu School in Christchurch due to the increasing demand for our system within the Canterbury region. The classes are family orientated so they are suitable for the whole family. We are a traditional style and encourage students to become martial artists by...
by Jerry Teng Last month
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Tue 9 May 2017
Three years' free study? Student president prefers an allowance for students living away from home.
Tue 8 Nov 2016
Favourite comes home in stunning style, but not everyone's celebrating in Christchurch.
Mon 7 Nov 2016
Up to 25,000 punters will flood Addington Raceway on Tuesday for the 2016 Christchurch Casino New Zealand Trotting Cup Day.
Fri 28 Oct 2016
Rakaia dairy farmer and mother of three Katie Flett will compete in the fashion stakes at the Melbourne Cup this year.
Fri 5 Aug 2016
Canterbury University students divided over "women only" hours and areas at their campus gym.
Tue 19 Jul 2016
Animal waste from Addington Raceway could be to blame for a spike in nitrate levels at a water bore, health official says.
Fri 15 Apr 2016
A 23-year-old student will oversee the $25 million rebuild project for the University of Canterbury Students' Association.
Sat 15 Aug 2015
Canterbury University student elections invalid despite campus antics, like nominating a crane for president.
Fri 7 Aug 2015
A run-down, earthquake-damaged historic flour mill in Addington could soon be redeveloped.
Wed 5 Aug 2015
A new buyer may have been found to redevelop the historic Addington mill in Christchurch.