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Red Rogue owners would like to thank the residents of Kinloch who turned out in the cold wet weather to assist in the welfare of the owner and also their stalwart attempts to pull Red Rogue from the water to the beach, on Sunday the 24th July, and again on Monday 25th July for towing the boat to...
by Adams/Sim Last month
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Tue 8 Aug 2017
Flood water washed away their belongings but it is the lost memories that sting the most. 
Wed 10 May 2017
Lisa-Anne Ngamotu died from her injuries after being hit by a car in a Taupo driveway.
Tue 9 May 2017
A 45-year-old woman died from her injuries after being hit by a car at a home in Taupo.
Mon 8 May 2017
A 45-year-old woman has died after being hit by a vehicle on private land in Taupo.
Wed 3 May 2017
Taupo District Council will soon start investigating ways to reduce congestion at Norman Smith St.
Thu 9 Mar 2017
The Ministry of Education is seeking feedback on the zone proposal.
Fri 3 Mar 2017
If you can't buy it, build it, Taupo handyman says.
Acacia Bay Rd closed for three hours after two cars crashed near the holiday camp.