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Wed 12 Apr 2017
It's the ultimate generational debate: Is it really so much harder to buy a house today than in decades past?
Thu 19 Jan 2017
Otago farmers are cashing in on steady demand and consistent prices for stock offered in annual on-farm lamb sales around the region this week.
Wed 7 Dec 2016
Who stands to lose the most if there's a housing crash? And who - if anyone - stands to gain?
Mon 5 Dec 2016
Use our bubble calculator to find out what would happen to the value of your home if the 2008 crash happened again tomorrow.
Mon 5 Dec 2016
Wrong. Have we forgotten the pain of 2008 already?
Mon 5 Dec 2016
Economist Shamubeel Eaqub joined us to talk about housing bubbles. Here's what he said.
Fri 12 Aug 2016
Attack sparks free self-defence classes for kids.
Mon 25 Jan 2016
Students at southern schools receive almost 30 per cent less money from school donations per student than national average.
Mon 8 Jun 2015
Record rainfall in Dunedin results in 43 landslip claims filed to EQC.
Thu 4 Jun 2015
More than 400 emergency calls made during Dunedin's severe flooding, while sandbagging continues for some property owners.

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