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Recent Local Activity

Workplace First Aid refresher course - by Tracy in Oamaru - 6 hours ago
"COMPREHENSIVE WORKPLACE FIRST AID REFRESHER COURSE. RE-CERTIFICATION Help Bring your skills back up to speed. People who have had previous training in first aid are eligible for re-certification. If you or your workplace has attended prior..."
Workplace First Aid Course - by Tracy in Oamaru - 7 hours ago
"FULL COMPREHENSIVE WORKPLACE FIRST AID COURSE AND REFRESHER COURSE. This course is the “core programme” for your worksite or those requiring First Aid training for study or for future employment. It will give you skills, knowledge and..."
Bridge repairs/closures - Fulton Hogan - by Maureen Manson in Little River - 7 hours ago
"Fulton Hogan will be repairing the bridge decks on the bridges on Puaha Road and Harmans Track. This will start the week beginning 2 June for approximately 3 weeks. Access will be restricted during the day. The bridges will be closed 9am -..."
Torpedo Bay Clean Up - by Emma Wingrove in Devonport - 4 days ago
"Stop waiting for someone else to come along and take charge, help us clean up Devonport and keep it beautiful for us and the generations after us. For those who have never been before- we pair off with some plastic bags, collect as much rubbish..."
Cheltenham Bay Clean Up - by Emma Wingrove in Devonport - 4 days ago
"Love Cheltenham beach? I know we do! Help us clean it up and keep Devonport clean and beautiful. We'll bring the rubbish bags and gloves, you bring yourself. More info at"
Takapuna Clean Up - by Emma Wingrove in Takapuna - 4 days ago
"Here's another one we're returning to. 13 months since our last visit to this popular beach, let's get it ready for summer! As always I will bring the gloves and the bags, but I recommend gardening gloves if you have them. For those who have..."
Soldier's Bay Clean Up - by Emma Wingrove in Chatswood - 4 days ago
"And so we return!! This is definitely one of my favourite locations so far, so much for us to collect (especially if you follow the cliffs around to the left). As always I will bring the gloves and the bags, but I recommend gardening gloves if..."
Onepoto Domain Clean Up - by Emma Wingrove in Birkenhead - 4 days ago
"Take charge and look after the area you call home. Starting the Change is cleaning up the park and extending through the mangrove area near the motorway. This area is ALWAYS packed full of rubbish and random items so there might even be a prize..."
we produce best Quality Novelty Fake And Real IDs and Passports ( - by jamesscotts in Clouston Park - 4 days ago
" we produce the best fake ID online we sell UK/EU fake ID, Canadian fake ID, Australian fake ID and fake IDs for many other countries from fake passports to fake driving licenses to fake bank statements we have your identification needs covered...."
BASNZ Tax Shop - We do more than just numbers! in Sunnynook - 5 days ago
"With over 15 years experience we specialise in offering accounting and tax solutions to entrepreneurs, property investors and small businesses. Our passion is to provide excellent advice and services to help you, all within a very prompt timescale...."